The admission process

Email School Office to enquire about Key Enrolment Dates
Keep an eye out for the Admissions Statement – this will indicate the date in which we start our admissions
Arrange a visit and come to look at our wonderful school
Fill in the official enrollment form and begin the process of applying for admission.

Frequently asked questions

What does a multigrade class system mean?

A Multigrade system is used in many schools in Ireland. Multigrade in St. Cillian’s means that 4 streams are taught together in the one classroom.

What are the benefits of a multigrade system?

There are many benefits to a multigrade system. Students have a smaller number of students in their own class level. Not only do the students learn from the teacher they also learn from one another. The multigrade system encourages older students to engage with younger students in a positive learning environment.

If my child is in 3rd class, does this mean they will be learning 6th class maths (or visa versa)?

No, in St. Cillian’s students are taught at their own level. Class teacher’s differentiate their teaching to ensure every child is taught at their level.

Is there an after school club/facilities attached to your school?

Unfortunately there is no after school service onsite in the school at present. However students from our school have been linked in with after schools services in the Bluebell community and the school has no problem in supporting parents link in with these services.

Do you offer sports at this school?

Along with a full curriculum, extra-curricular activities are offered at the school. We encourage a range of activities from football, basketball, boxing, GAA, Drama and Karaté to name a few.

Do I have to pay for books?

As of September 2023, we no longer charge for our book rental scheme in St. Cillian’s N.S.

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