Board of Management

The school is governed by the Board of Management (B.O.M). The B.O.M consists of two patron nominees, two parent nominees, two teacher nominees and two community nominees. The Parents’ Association plays an important role in the children’s overall education.The school is funded by the Department of Education and Skills (D.E.S.) and operates according to its rules and regulations. The school strives to ensure that all aspects of the revised Primary School Curriculum as laid down by the D.E.S. are taught.

During November 2019, our new Board was nominated and elected. Here is the formation of the school’s Board going forward:

  • Chairperson & Patron’s Nominee – Fr. Dominik Domogala
  • Secretary to the Board of Management – Finbar McDermott
  • School Staff Nominee – Laoise Kelly
  • Parents Nominee (Father) – David Moore
  • Parents Nominee (Mother) – Gillian Salmon
  • Community Nominee – Peter O’Neill
  • Community Nominee – Anne Browne

All communication and queries regarding operational matters in the school should be addressed to the school principal or class teacher (where appropriate). We would like to remind you that individual Board members do not have responsibility for enquiries of this nature. They are not in a position to discuss internal governance matters due to strict frameworks in place to protect the confidentiality and privacy of our children, families, staff and wider stakeholders.

We are grateful to all of our members for committing their time and expertise to managing and safeguarding our school.

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