Let’s Get Active!

Active Schools Week

Our Active Schools Committee have been looking forward to Active Schools Week and have a busy schedule of events planned!!! Along with the many different activities planned we are hoping as many children as possible make the effort to walk to school each morning this week! Remember those who make the effort will get an extra prize for the weekly raffle. There will also be an extra prize for the  most ‘Active Class’ in the school! See our list of our activities below

Day 1:

We had a very successful start to our first ever Active School’s Week – check out our report on the news feed on our home page!!!!

Active Meetings Full of Ideas!

We have had a great start with the members coming up with lots of ideas to encourage every body to become more active!
One initiative we are looking forward to implementing is W.O.W. (Walk on Wednesdays) We will be encourage all children to walk to school on Wednesdays – if they live near they can walk from home or alternatively parents may park at McDonalds and walk from there!
All classes are going to commit to doing 3 laps of of the field every day to build up stamina and fitness.
Teachers are introducing active breaks within each class period for ten minutes.
The committee did an inventory of P.E. equipment and are looking into replenishing and adding to the resources.

A Committee Full of ideas!

Our Committed are full of ideas. On Friday we designed posters with active slogans: Be Wise , Exercise , Run Around Up and Down Be Healthy Not Wealthy. We also discussed W.O.W. A letter was sent to parents by the Active Schools committee explaining Walk on Wednesdays.

Good Luck To The Senior Room

The Senior Room are participating in a cross country meet on the 2nd December. They are busy training at the  moment. As  a school we have committed to doing 3 laps of the field so this is helping them in their training!

A Few Active Pictures

The Senior Children joined us for one of our ‘Active breaks’ during the week. We did 10 minutes of zumba! Also the our commitment to run 3 laps of the field is going very well although we do need to learn to slow down and jog – not sprint!!!!

A Yoga Break in the Junior Room

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