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Green School Expo 

Joint Effort from the Green School & Active School Groups

Wonderful clean up today by the Green Schools Committee and the Active Schools Flag Committee. We used our new litter pickers, racks and brushes for the first time and the yard is looking wonderfully clean. We have identified a number of areas on the footpath outside our school that can be noted as litter black spot areas and the children will work on a plan next week to tackle the problem. Our official application for our first flag was submitted last Friday. More pictures for today’s activity to follow…….

Litter and Waste Review

This week, we worked on reviewing the litter and waste in our school bins. Alex, Ava, Jack and Emma braved the plastic gloves and emptied our recycling bins out onto black bags. We discovered that a lot of our yoghurt cartons were going into the bin unwashed. That we need to get compost bins for the classrooms so we can dispose of our pencil parings, fruit and some of our paper waste (if shredded). Rían and Alex checked our Green Schools tool order and confirmed that we received litter pickers, high-vis vests, rakes and yard brushes. As it began to rain, we worked on our Green Schools motto as well. This is be announced next week.

Our co-treasurers from the Green School Committee, Alex and Rían, purchased some equipment to get the work underway this week. Alex was surprised at how expensive some items can be…like the yard brushes! But after a little bargain hunting, children’s yard brushes, rakes and high vis vests were all bought at reduced prices. We will update you once they arrive!

Our Green Schools group met again last Friday for a planning meeting. We have been issued a budget by Ms. O’Farrell to buy litter picking equipment. Jemma kindly donated gloves and big bags…we will be working on our litter and waste checklist at the next meeting and photographing litter black spots. We also have a Green Schools Notice Board to update the whole school about our progress and to remind everyone of the Green School’s way of doing things!

Green Schools Meeting

Our first Green Schools Flag meeting was held last Friday. All committee members were present. Instead of elections we split the children from 1st to 6th Class into two groups: Green Schools and Active Schools Flag. The Green Schools Committee proposed/nominated candidates, voted and elected our key members. The results are as followed:

  • Green Schools Chairperson – Justin
  • Green Schools Secretary – Emma
  • Green Schools Treasurer – Alex ( & Rían is her co-treasurer to double check everything)

Jemma will provide support for all the roles above, as she is a wonderful multi-tasker!
The committee discussed the Litter and Waste Flag and we completed minutes which are like notes of what was spoken about and decided at our meeting (thanks Emma!). We assessed the amount of bins we have in our school and outside. We will undertake a Litter/Waste checklist this week and commence work on our Environmental Review which is like a big test for how good/bad we are with Waste in our school.
We will be adding photos soon and we’ll keep updating you all on our progress. We will also update you all with the facts we find out…….

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